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Meet the Team

Dana Hillman,
Managing Partner

Dana has 22 years experience recruiting in Technology- 154 in dog years - and still loves his job!  He focuses on customer facing roles, Execs, Sales, Marketing & Services for Startups as well as established tech companies.

Favorite things:  Tennis, Electronic Gadgetry, Anything to do with Guitars, Annoying my sons.

Education:  Auburn University, International Studies (Ok . . . it was really History and Writing)

Worst Professional Experience:  "When I worked at a music store during college, I was finishing the install of a PA system in a church during a major rehearsal and zapped myself.  I "Accidentally" had a very contentious conversation with the almighty near a hot mic.  Yada, yada, yada, apparently there were a few words that were new to the preacher."

Sheri has over 20 years recruiting experience and has aged considerably better than her partner.  She brings her passion and dynamism to ever search and is the quintessential cheerleader for her clients.  Her practice focuses primarily on Energy, Water & Clean Technologies.

Favorite Things:  Occasionally her teenaged boys, Dance, Yoga, Holistic Health & Green Drinks that could gag a mule.

Education:  Syracuse, BA Communications, Varsity Cheerleader

Most Embarrassing Moment:  ". . . I don't get embarrassed."



Sheri Hillman