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Executive and Field Level search is NOT mutually exclusive.    That’s why we work the entire “Management stack,  Scouring the talent pool, recruiting the most talented Execs is just the beginning.    We continually grow our talent base by aggressively recruiting the best field level talent in the industry.
We deliver our client’s message with passion & Precision- up and down the manage-ment stack with a deep understanding of our industries and what motivates candidates. 
By working Executive & Director roles, we see more talent,  we have access to promising Director level talent that’s not easily visible from the outside and know who’s ready for the next step
In Sports "Finishers" are always valued.  At Hillman Partners we're finishers, with an explemlary record of completing our searches and finding the best possible talent for our clients.
90% of our candidates remain on the job after 2 years and we've completed 95% of all searches entrusted to us. 

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