Wearable Technology for Health and Safety

LightBringer uses a sophisticated optical wristband sensor array coupled to a patented machine learning / predictive analytics platform to accurately determine if the user is experiencing a life threatening healthy emergency and dispatch aid autonomously. 


LightBringer measures every heartbeat and interval, user skin temperature as well as the user's position in space to accurately determine health emergencies with less than 1% false positives.  It's not your average consumer wearable, but a robust solution focused on saving lives.

LightBringer can detect:

Cardiac events such as Heart Attack & Stroke

Falls & Free-Fall 

Unconsciousness & Sleep

 Heat Stroke 

Vehicle Accidents & Attacks

Physical Effort & Over-Training

VO2 & Sleep Apnea

Calorie Expenditure & Metabolism


Bracelet & Sensor Module

LightBringer uses a combination of Optical Sensors and a sophisticated accelerometer to measure Heart Rate & Skin Temperature and understand the users biometric baselines as well as their position in space to detect a host of medical emergencies including accidents and falls.

The Bracelet is "Tethered" to the user's smartphone and connected to the app.


An Apple Watch or FitBit is the same thing. Right?

Not at all.  Fitness and LifeStyle devices don't use medical grade sensors.  And they certainly aren't tied to a sophisticated machine learning platform that alerts the user of anomalies and intervenes on their behalf if they're incapacitated. 


Consumer devices are great at approximating "Lifestyle Patterns," but can't  can't detect if a user has fallen and is unconscious, had a stroke, heart attack or is being attacked.  

LightBringer is a true Health and Safety solution.  Not a novelty.

Frequently Asked . . .



Hillman Partners



For corporate field workers in higher risk environments, understanding if a worker is experiencing a health emergency is crucial.  LightBringer can detect and report heart attack, heat stroke, etc. - plus events such as a free-fall or unconsciousness - quickly dispatching aid to save a life.

Workers at Risk

Many Seniors and those with Special Needs, may not be able to press a button or make a call in the event of an emergency.  LightBringer's patented platform "Understands" if the user falls or experiences a health emergency to alert caregivers and emergency services - worldwide. 

Seniors / Special Needs

Civil Servants and Public Safety workers often find themselves in dangerous environments without warning.  In addition to health events, LightBringer can detect attack as well as aggressive and defensive behavior,  dispatching assistance in the event of a "Man Down" episode.

Public Safety

Applications & Uses

Monitoring the safety and health of transportation workers entrusted with delivering passengers and products has never been more important.  LightBringer can detect Sleep, Accidents as well Unconsciousness and alert company safety officers and first responders to deliver life saving aid.


Nothing is more important than your family's safety.  If a family member has a medical condition or a child is away at college, LightBringer can insure that no medical emergency goes unattended.  In addition to autonomously monitoring health conditions, it can detect accidents and attacks and provides a panic button feature as well.

Family & Students

There's no substitute for continuing care, and for patients with life threatening conditions or convalescing at home, LightBringer can be a key part of continuing medical care and tele-medicine programs. LightBringer provides peace of mind and relays critical information to your caregiver - autonomously.

Patient Care