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Revenue Generating Roles

"If you build it, they will come?"  That's never been the case.  Even truly category defining products require exceptional Sales, Marketing & Field Technical talent.  For over twenty years we've focused on searches for "Revenue generating" roles.  We know how to evaluate, qualify deeply and speak the language of our industries . . . fluently.


We recruit Executive Leaders, VP's, Directors, Individual Contributors & Professional Consultants for short term engagements.



Our clients build things.  Some design and build novel ways to move, store and analyze data, others provide the applications and infrastructure the world relies on to communicate and others make the next generation of clean energy possible.

If this sounds like your company, or one of your portfolio companies, you should get to know us.

IT Infrastructure



Big Data



IaaS / PaaS

Cloud Infrastructure




DAS |Small Cell | WIFI


Predictive Analytics

Optical Networks



Smart Grid

Demand Response

Frequency Response

Grid Scale Solar



Predictive Analytics

Industry Knowledge


“Dana and his crew are great at identifying and qualifying candidates – no question. But where these guys earn their money is getting the behind the scenes story on candidates. For us, these guys got it done before the interview even took place and didn’t take references at face value. They kept digging so that we had an accurate picture of each candidate.”


Jim Vogt, CEO Zettaset

Meet The Team

Dana Hillman,

Managing Partner

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Dana started in digital music and telecom sales and has 22 years experience recruiting in Technology- 154 in dog years!  He focuses on customer facing roles, Execs, Sales, Marketing & Services for Startups as well as established tech companies.

Favorite things:  Tennis, Making Music, Writing, Anything to do with Guitars, Annoying my sons.

Education:  Auburn University, International Studies (Ok - it was really History and Writing)

Most Embarassing Moment:  "When I worked at a music store during college, I was finishing the installation of a PA system in a church during a major rehearsal when I zapped myself.  A few choice words in front of a hot mic & yada, yada, yada, apologies were issued.

Best Contact Method: Phone, Email, Linkedin, smoke signals.

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